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Launching a new business

Written by Sim Pinder, on 9th Jun 2016. Posted in General

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When launching a new business there a few actions that need to be taken. Near the top of this list should be your online presence.

In this day and age your online presence must be clear, coherent and business orientated.

At Business World, we support a broad range of clients across diverse businesses arenas. We supply blogs, news feeds, editorials, articles and other written content to drive businesses forward.

Online presence

For some companies an online presence is an afterthought. Home pages that are hastily put together, dead links and uninspired text. Don’t fall into this trap. If you don’t have the time or skills in house speak to a professional content creator.

Business World can support your corporate message, educate the public in relation to your products and drive sales.

What do you want to say?

Fundamental to your online presence is the publication of your corporate message – what are your trying to say? What products or services are you aiming to sell?

Online content broadly falls into two categories:

Periodic PublicationsBlog posts, articles and other fresh written content. These publications should follow a defined publication pattern to ensure maximum exposure. This content can be shared across all relevant social media platforms to reach the greatest audience.

These publications can be a great platform to show what services / products you sell, as well as driving customer engagement.

Periodic publications can be more lighter, broader and thought driven than the static content on your site.

Writing about your business arena is a great way to get into writing blogs. Discussing business ideas and markets can be a useful tool for your company to understand your sector and to show customers your market expertise.

Static content – Some content on your website will remain in situ for long periods of time particularly on your home page, contact page and others. This doesn’t mean that this content can’t be updated – in fact it should be, perhaps annually, to check that all details are correct and up to date. This content needs to be clear, well written and concise.

Business World

Here at Business World, we are experts in site specific, specialised written content creation. We support clients across multiple business areas. We do this by creating bespoke, informative, trustworthy and authoritative editorial content, news stories, blogs and other written content.

If you’re struggling with getting great content on your platforms or you simply don’t have the time, get in touch with Business World today. We can provide you with a portfolio of examples where we have positively up-graded a company’s written content output. We are proud to be Irelands leading content creators, give us a call so we can show you what we do!

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