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Maintaining great skin is easier than you think - here’s why

Written by Contributor, on 27th Aug 2021. Posted in General

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You may be forgiven for thinking that great skin is genetic, and that no matter what you do, you can never maintain good skin for very long. It is true that there are lots of factors that contribute to having great skin, such as diet, sunlight, exercise and sleep, but these are all factors that you have a lot of control over.

In actual fact, maintaining great skin simply requires the discipline and time to create a workable daily skincare routine, and to implement it into a wider healthy diet.

Here is why maintaining great skin is easier than you think:

Use day creams and night creams at the correct times

The best place to start if you want healthy skin is to use the right products. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the choices on offer, which all promise to deliver you flawless skin at a price. 

In truth, you don’t need to overcomplicate matters by buying a truckload of creams, gels and face washes. You just need a great day cream (which you apply in the morning), and a night cream (which, you guessed it, is applied at night before bed). A day cream, such as those by Biotherm, should be lighter than a night cream, because you will be wearing it throughout the day and you don’t want your skin to look greasy. It also usually contains sun protection, to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. 

Whereas a night cream should be thicker and protect your skin during the night, when it could have a tendency to dry out.

Of course, make sure to exfoliate regularly (and before you apply your day or night creams), in order to keep your pores open, and to help the creams do their jobs correctly.

As long as you apply the right creams at the right times, then you are already on your way to enjoying great skin.

When in doubt, drink water

Water affects just about everything, which is unsurprising given that it makes up around 60% of the human body. Your skin is no different, and responds to regular hydration. Keep topped up with water throughout the day by carrying around a water bottle and keeping it on your desk or in your bag at all times, to remind you to keep drinking.

You’ll be amazed how quickly spots, acne and a greasy complexion clear up if you start consuming more water every day.

On a side note, cold showers are a fantastic way of maintaining healthy, bright-looking skin, because they help invigorate your circulation and prevent your skin from drying out, giving you a healthy complexion. 

You are what you eat

Although drinking sufficient amounts of water is important, you should also focus on maintaining a healthy diet in order to look after your skin.

The human body is incredibly sensitive to what you feed it, and your skin is the first to show signs of mistreatment. A diet of fast food, sugary drinks and chocolate is fun for a while, but your skin will quickly deteriorate (although small amounts of dark chocolates could actually be beneficial). 

Avoid greasy, nutrition-bereft foods, and focus on eating more fruit, vegetables and foods that are rich in omega 3, such as fatty fish. Your target should be to feed your skin as many nutrients as possible in order to keep it healthy, so consider making healthy juices or smoothies to stay topped up throughout the day.

Overall, keeping your diet healthy isn’t difficult, as long as you make the necessary lifestyle changes to accommodate a healthier intake of food and drinks.


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