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Most Common Reasons for Home Insurance Claims in Ireland

Written by Contributor, on 24th Jan 2019. Posted in General

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Having home insurance is essential if you want to ensure you are protected against accidents in and around your property. Every year people make claims on their property insurance in Ireland.

 But, have you ever wondered what the most common issues are?

 In the following post, we are going to highlight five of the most common. As well as helping you to see the importance of having robust and comprehensive home insurance coverage, we hope it also helps you to be vigilant to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening.

1) Fire Damage - Damage caused by house fires is an incredibly common reason for many householders claiming on their home insurance. Fires can result in severe damages, and mainly stems from chimney fires, but also electrical fires too.

One surprising, but effective way of preventing fires from occurring is by removing lint that collects in your tumble dryer. Link can block the dryer and stop it functioning correctly, which can lead to fire. It is also advisable to have your chimney if you have one, cleaned regularly, at least twice annually.

2) Break and Enter/Burglary - Another common reason why homeowners file for home insurance claims is because of break and enters and burglaries. Most are carried out via the doors or windows and can involve severe damage to these entry points as well as the loss of goods, both sentimental and valuable.

There are ways you can prevent forced entry and theft in your property from happening, by making sure some lights are on when you are out and ensuring everything is locked up. An alarm is also an excellent preventative measure, as is making sure you avoid keeping large amounts of jewellery and cash in plain sight around the house.

3) Accidental Damages - It would not make sense to cover this topic without mentioning that many insurance claims are as a result of accidental damages to the property. Depending on the policy you choose to invest in, accidental damage could cover personal effects, furnishings and furniture, clothing and general household goods.

4) Storm Damage - Storms are relatively common in Ireland, and it is not unheard-of homes being damaged.  Such damages obviously leads to homeowners making claims on their home insurance. The kind of damage that is most common includes broken gutters and displaced tiles/slates.

5) Water Damage - One of the biggest and most common reasons why homeowners in Ireland make claims on their home insurance is damaged caused by water. Water damage is often a result of free water from damaged pipes and leaks. Another common query is from showers and baths too.

Irish people, who are worried about many of the above problems and are at a point where you need to renew or invest in a new insurance policy, should consider the AA Home Insurance. Not only would you be benefiting from having the company's vast experience and expertise in the field, as well as their excellent customer service, but you would also get the benefit of credit card theft cover, alternative accommodation if you can't stay in your property and personal accident cover for the whole family.

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