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No Matter What the Weather: Top Outdoor Trade Show Tactics

Written by Business World, on 16th Jun 2017. Posted in General

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Outdoor trade shows can be a lot of fun, and if the sun shines, you might find they attract a lot of people. But you need to go prepared.

These are very different from indoor trade shows and they present a whole host of potential challenges that you need to plan for.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the most from your next outdoor trade show.

Go Prepared for the Weather

The first thing you'll need to do is prepare for the tradeshow by planning for what the weather will throw at you. While the sun might shine, it could also rain, so you need to know in advance to what to expect on the day.

Use a weather app that you can download to your phone to keep a close eye on the forecast. Check it in the run-up to the event so you know exactly what you can expect on the day, then prepare accordingly.

Provide Cover

When designing your stand, it's always a good idea to provide some kind of cover. If the sun is out, this can provide some welcome shade to encourage people to stop by. If it rains instead, you'll provide somewhere that people can keep dry.

If you have a covered area and other stands do not, you can guess where the attendees are going to end up.

Advertise Your Stall

The good thing about outdoor trade shows is that there is usually a lot of space, and that means you can take advantage of it on the day.

For example, one option is to promote your exhibit by hiring someone to act as a walking billboard to walk around with a display with your logo and message. This will help you to reach attendees throughout the event and increase exposure, and this is ideal for outdoor events.

Set Up Some Games

You might also be able to set up a few games to attract attendees to your stall. You can create a fun atmosphere with a simple game, and everyone wants to have a bit of fun, and you can offer prizes as well. This will help to engage visitors so they will spend more time at your exhibit.

Know About the Power Situation

Different events will have different arrangements for the power available. Some will provide plenty of sockets to plug into, while others might not. Even if there are sockets, you might want to plan for the possibility of the power not working, so it might be worth taking a generator just in case.

Use Suitable Banners

For any banners that you'll be using in your exhibit, make sure they are all suitable for the outdoors. Don't try and go with indoor-only exhibits because you could have a problem if the weather isn't great on the day.

Give Your Giveaways an Outdoor Theme

Giveaways are important at any trade show, but at outdoor events, you may want to make your giveaways an outdoor theme. Sun hats are a good option, as are water bottles. Try to take things that will be used at the event to provide you with more publicity.

Have a Successful Trade Show

Going prepared is essential for any trade show, but it is even more important at an outdoor event. Make sure you prepare for any eventuality and make plans to make the most of the outdoor environment to ensure your business gets noticed on the day. Follow these tips, and enjoy a successful outdoor trade show at your next event.

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