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Online marketing strategies that businesses can use to attract new customers

Written by Contributor, on 5th May 2023. Posted in General

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Online marketing strategies are proven techniques that businesses across a variety of different sectors have used to great effect in attracting new customers. With more people than ever continuing to use the internet, industries know the best way to capture attention is by doing it digitally and moving away from traditional strategies that worked in the past.

Strategies to have been used effectively by industries in the digital age include:

• Content Marketing

• Social Media Marketing

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Email Marketing

• Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Content Marketing

Content marketing has continued to grow in popularity as a form of online strategy in order to engage and convert readers into potential new customers. Businesses have started to create engaging content that is highly informative about the products and services that they offer, with some using visual aids like videos in order to try and get their message across.

The software industry is perhaps one of the best sectors that has been able to use content marketing effectively. Companies like HubSpot as they continue to create detailed blogs that provide valuable insights and advice for those that are looking to get the most out of their marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing

Given the popularity of social media platforms, this type of marketing has only continued to grow in terms of importance for businesses looking to be as successful as possible. It gives them the opportunity to be able to target a huge audience, while they are also able to use demographics and other filters to try and capture as many eyes as possible within the defined market.

There are many examples of firms within certain industries using social media effectively, with retailers being among the forefront. Supermarket chain Aldi has always been rather proactive on Twitter as they continue to make posts and tweets on other pages that are engaging and can be humor-related. The iGaming industry has also used social media marketing effectively, too, with operators able to use demographics such as age and location in order to offer the right type of bonuses. Players in the UK over the age of 18 may find that they have been offered a 32Red welcome bonus when surfing the internet, as the operator will have been able to specifically target those criteria.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has become a huge buzz term for marketers online, with many striving to achieve the best ranking possible when appearing as a search term on platforms like Google. Businesses employ trained people to help them to rank each of their web pages and boost them by using relevant keywords in order to increase visibility, which could increase revenues as new customers could be attracted.

Almost every single industry will use SEO practices as they want to be the number one brand in the sector. Among the best industries to use SEO, though, include the retail sector, as there is typically strong competition for the same products. By ranking as high as possible, brands can potentially sell more products compared to others, as they will be ranked higher on the search results.

Email Marketing

Online businesses will typically ask visitors to their site if they want to subscribe to newsletters when they have created an account. This is an effective marketing campaign that they have been able to adopt as it can help to personalize any shopping experience that is enjoyed.

Brands in the travel sector are among the best that are using this form of marketing, as they continue to send their latest deals based on the destinations being visited in an email, sometimes with a promotion that is exclusive to them. Airlines will typically offer deals on flights that have been looked at, while sites like Expedia or Booking may offer their latest deals on hotels that have been looked at.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC marketing is a form of paid advertising that has proven to be successful for many firms. The campaigns usually advertised on social media or search engines are chosen based on bidding for specific keywords. Just like social media marketing, companies can focus their marketing on a certain demographic.

The travel industry is known for utilizing this form of marketing, with Airbnb being one prime example. The company uses social media ads to target those who have shown interest.

Each Marketing Strategy Offers Benefits

Online businesses can use various different marketing strategies to get their message across, with some better suited than others. Nonetheless, they each need to be used in an effective way; otherwise, other companies in the same industry are going to benefit instead.

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