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Pepco's Bid To Attract Local Customers

Written by Contributor, on 3rd Mar 2023. Posted in General

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Pepco comes to Ireland

When it comes to discount trading, there is a new kid on the block in Ireland. They have not arrived quietly either. Pepco is planning on taking the market by storm and is finding inventive ways to get customers through its doors. Pepco rocked up in Ireland in 2022 and opened five pilot stores without much fuss. However, one hundred days after opening, it launched a big push inviting the local clientele to step inside.

Discount vouchers to local residents

At the end of January, a payday thank-you voucher was created for residents living near the stores. In challenging financial times, something for nothing is always welcome. Pepco offered customers  €10 off on purchases over €30 in their five pilot stores. Ireland's newest discount retailer was offering an even greater discount in an attempt to grow the community of customers who live closest to these locations.

Door drops

The vouchers were distributed through neighbourhood door drops and designed to encourage local traffic. Pepco stores are located in Omni Shopping Centre and Finglas Main Centre in Dublin. In addition, The Park at Carrickmines has a Pepco, as does The Courtyard at Newbridge in Kildare. The fifth store is located in the Galway Shopping Centre.

European-wide stores

These are just the first steps for Pepco into the Irish market. The company has 3,000 stores across eighteen European countries, so it can be assumed it will be looking to open more branches if the pilot stores succeed.  The proposition behind Pepco is that they are a one-stop shop for food, health, beauty, homewares, fashion, toys and other household items. Their pledge to customers in Ireland is high-quality items at prices the customers will love.

Promotions to grow business

The voucher promotion offered these customers even more for their money, and Pepco is certainly not the first to apply such a marketing technique. Many retailers and other businesses use promotions like these to create deals to drive traffic to their sites or stores. In the UK, punters can often find great sign-up bonuses and loyalty programs on the country's top slot sites. Meanwhile, Irish customers currently have great deals to choose from at retailers like Argos, Boots and Sports Direct. Savvy shoppers keep a watchful eye on sites like Wowcher to ensure they are getting the best prices.

Licensed products

However, with Pepco already offering low prices, the promise of even more money off is very generous. One of Pepco's most popular lines on sale is licensed kids' clothing from Disney. Shoppers can get Minnie and Daisy t-shirts for €4 and Minnie Mouse trainers for €10. If customers are shopping for several children, it will not be too much effort to trigger the additional €10 discount.

New jobs created

The five Pepco stores launched in Ireland in September 2022. The chain is one of three retail brands run by the Pepco Group, which is headquartered in Poznan. They also operate under the Poundland and Dealz banner. The Irish stores operated as Dealz outlets but were completely revamped last year. The shops were given total makeovers and converted to Pepco branding. The change saw sixty original jobs created.

A success

Customers reportedly love the newly converted stores and have been flocking to shop at Pepco in growing numbers. In addition, the recent promotion has further raised awareness for the new outlets and helped increase footfall.

Saying thank you

Sharon Sheridan is the co-country manager for Pepco and Dealz in Ireland. She said the company is delighted with how the new shops have been received. She said the vouchers were one way the company could show its appreciation to Pepco customers.

"We're delighted at the initial reaction to our five Pepco stores in Ireland, and we've been working hard to add more of what they love in key categories such as clothing and homewares.

"That's why we want to say 'thank you' at the end of the month with a significant additional saving that will make the items we know our Pepco customers love even better value."

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