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Should You Get Ready for 5G Network?

Written by Contributor, on 13th Jun 2019. Posted in General

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Are you ready 5G network? It is coming soon and it will leave an impact on every inch of technology. If you thought 4 G was fast, 5 times can be several times faster than that, which means that you can finish movie and game downloads in a few seconds.

Be prepared to get faster speeds of the internet and lower latency rates.

What is a 5G network?

In simple terms, 5G is a fifth of generation of cellular networking. Currently, most networks are using 4G or LTE networks. Thus 5G will be a radical shift forward from LTE.

Do you remember how good it felt to shift from 3G to 4G, you were exposed to the high speed of networking.

If you are looking for a more technical definition then 5G is defined as the non-standalone or standalone 5G New Radio of systems and network architecture.

Non-standalone 5G network is built off existing LTE networks and hardware while on the other hand standalone networks are built in areas where there were no LTE infrastructures.

When will 5G be available?

The good news is that 5G is closer than we thought. There are high chances that between 2019 and 2020. Various industries such as Samsung and Nokia are already leading the way.

What are the advantages of using 5G networks?

I want you to think how 5G will change the world beyond your mobile phone network. Think of self-driving cars, telemedicine and VR. 5G will open a world which is more than you can imagine, here is a taste of what 5G will do for you.

#1. Better access to the internet.

The 5G network will give you a more touchy sensation of the internet. Therefore you will be able to stream videos faster. A video which you might take over an hour to download with the current LTE might actually take a few seconds with 5G.

#2. Remote surgery.

When the 5G network is introduced there are high chances that remote surgery could be a reality. The network will be using low latency thus a device will connect more faster.

There are already new technologies being innovated that will help in this innovation. For instance, Ericsson in collaboration with NeuroDigital Technologies is working on VR glove that a surgeon can use to control a robot which is performing surgery.

#3. Self-driving cars.

There are various companies such as Google, Amazon and Uber who are investing in autonomous vehicles. However many people believe that this won't be possible without the intervention of a 5G network.

#4. Drones.

Amazon has already started doing deliveries using drones. However, for full control of the drone, there is a need for the use if 5G network.

#5. Virtual Reality.

VR seems to have taken a backseat even after the world showed interest in the whole innovation. Although you can't ignore that there are already some industries which have taken interest in VR and are using it. The use of 5G could increase the real-time experience every time you interact with VR.

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