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Are you torn on choosing the best betting sites in Ireland? We’ll start you off with some good news- betting in Ireland is completely legal. So, whichever site you choose to wager on, you will do so without violating the law. Another key point- betting in Ireland is safe. However, for this point, we must add that you are only safe if you choose a regulated and reputable betting site. Let’s see which sites you can use in your quest for wagers:

Trustworthy Sites in Ireland

When you are wagering with and for real money, you cannot take any chances. That’s why we advise that you stick with licensed sites that continually receive good reviews from their clients. Below are some of these bookies:


It’s almost impossible to come across a ranking of the best Irish betting sites without seeing this giant. It’s been around since 2000 and still hasn’t lost its place among the legends. So, what makes it so unique to top the best betting sites in Ireland? To start with, it has licensing from the UK Gambling Commission, which shows you it’s serious about its players. Besides, it also offers 24/7 customer support, has native apps for its mobile bettors, and a cash-out option. But perhaps what catches the eye of most players are the live stream and bet builder features. How easy is it to place a huge wager with these factors on your side? Add the fact that it has a ton of betting markets, and you have a winner.


For a bookie that’s been around since 1946, this platform has done everything it can to keep up with the changing tides. It now boasts of more than half a million customers who cannot help but enjoy the range of football betting markets. Oh, it also offers live streaming options and mobile betting features to its players. The fast withdrawal time is also a huge selling point as most punters want their earnings as soon as they can get them.


What if someone told you that you could keep your gambling dealings private from your bank? How great would that be? In the past, wire transfers and credit card payments have often landed punters in trouble with their financial providers. So, online bookies have figured out ways to facilitate payments without landing you in financial trouble. How? Through digital currencies and e-wallets. With the PayPal option on this site, amongst other amazing deposit options, you should not have trouble financing your wagers.


Since 1999, this bookie has been in the business of satisfying punters’ needs with the latest features. Thus, its separate apps for Android and iOS clients do not come as a surprise. You can bet on the go, with the assurance that the features in the app will mesh with your operating system. But is that all the site has to offer? Hardly! You also get to enjoy a wide range of customer bonuses and live betting features. If you like building bets for that added rush of adrenaline, you will enjoy the bet builder option too.


What’s the one thing you cannot overlook when looking for a bookie? - The customer support! You need to know that there’s someone who can sort your problems as soon as they arise. So, the availability of 24/7 customer support on this site is a huge advantage! Moreover, it boasts a range of channels through which you can reach customer support, instead of limiting you to one. The site also boasts of a ton of leagues from across the globe. Other than sports, the site also caters to casino, bingo, and poker games. With everything at the tap of a button, it’s not hard to see why this site is so high in the rankings.

How We Chose the Best Betting Sites

Are you curious how we landed on the sites above? We investigated their:

• Odds: How competitive are the odds on the site?

• Bonuses and Promotions: With the rising cases of scams, we investigated whether the offers on the sites were genuine. Also, we assessed the fairness of the wagering requirements.

• Event and Market Coverage: How many games and events does the site offer? The more, the better!

• Payment Methods and Speeds: How many payment channels does a site offer and how fast can you access your money?

• Customer Service: Can you reach customer support? Are they friendly and knowledgeable?

Any site that checks these boxes should give you the player experience you deserve. All the best in your search.

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