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The Market Value of Mobile Casino Games

Written by Contributor, on 12th Nov 2021. Posted in General

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Playing games on your mobile or smartphone has never been easier. With so many new casino games and slots becoming available on the go, market value is on the rise. That’s hardly surprising - why play games on your laptop when you can load up a phone app?

With bitcoin mobile games and live dealer tables both seeing surges in recent years, the market’s expanding. Let’s look at the global value of these games and where they may be heading in the years to come.

Mobile Casino Games’ Market Value is On the Rise

According to Global Mobile Gaming Market research, there’s never been a better time to develop online casino games.

The market value of mobile gaming right now is around $71 billion globally. That’s impressive enough - but by 2027, this value is going to expand even further. Market research and analysis show that the global value may be worth more than $153 billion!

That works out at a compound annual growth rate of around 11.5%. With some projections claiming that the CAGR may reach 12.6% by decade end, it’s an exciting time for developers. The fact is, while Europe makes up the majority share of the market, mobile casino gaming is getting bigger everywhere.

In fact, what is interesting is that China’s market, in particular, is growing at less than 12% CAGR. The US is catching up, too, with a market value of more than $15 billion. Given that mobile casino gaming is not legal across all 50 states, this is all the more impressive.

The rise of faster, easier access to online gaming is likely to be a big driver. In many cases, a move towards app gaming, and HTML5 via mobile web, likely helps boost online casinos’ popularity. We no longer have to wait for minutes on end for games to load and start on slow connections! Greater regulation and financial protection, too, are key factors.

But - there are more interesting drivers than this to take into account. Let’s see what else the research has to say.

What Are the Biggest Market Drivers?

The biggest drivers in mobile casino interest are, given global changes since March 2020, convenience and ease of use. However, there is also a marked increase in mobile bitcoin casino interest. With cryptocurrency emerging ever more into the mainstream, alternative funding is a significant driver for online casino fun.

Beyond this, the Global Mobile Gaming Market report suggests that younger people are also involved in online gaming. This offers prospective new opportunities for casino developers but also new challenges. Tightening of age barriers will likely continue - as various international regulations demand. Despite tightening of regulations, however, younger demographic appeal has not gone away. 

The future is certainly brighter than ever for mobile gaming. However, as with any other entertainment service in the modern age, there is a need to keep up with technology. Emerging trends on the horizon include virtual casinos as well as broader adoption of crypto. Therefore, while growth is good, to avoid a plateau, mobile casinos need to avoid coasting!

Will Growth Continue?

Interest in mobile casino games will likely continue to grow as time goes by. Even though technology is advancing, there will always probably be interest in simple, fun games on the go.

Therefore, it’s not beyond the realms of impossibility to expect this industry to expand even further. What will the market look like by 2030? We’ll have to wait and see - could you be heading to a VR casino sooner than you think? It’s all a matter of taste!

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