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Where to find the right door supplier in Ireland?

Written by Contributor, on 2nd Feb 2023. Edited on 10th Feb 2023 Posted in General

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Whether you plan to buy new doors for your build or simply want to replace the old ones, choosing the right supplier of doors in Ireland may be a difficult or even overwhelming task. There are so many companies on the market, and it's sometimes extremely difficult to discern who can be trusted, and who is simply unqualified to reliably install doors in Ireland. You may even be tempted to choose a supplier that gives the cheapest offer, but that's usually not a good idea at all. In many cases, instead of getting the job well done, you will most likely only lose money and end up with a problem that still needs to be sorted out by another (this time a reliable one, hopefully) windows and doors Company. How can you avoid such an unpleasant scenario and what factors should you base your choice on when it comes to finding a reliable supplier of windows and doors in Ireland? Here are a few useful tips that we have obtained from Fenbro - one of the most renowned companies on the Irish joinery market.

Supplier of windows and doors in Ireland - things to consider

Without doing even a basic research you won't find a reputable windows and doors supplier, that's a given. Therefore, before making any final decisions, take into consideration several key factors, which will help you to select the right supplier of doors in Ireland. Below you will find a list of the most important facts that you should always verify before settling the deal.

1. Experience

When it comes to fitting windows and doors in Ireland, you should pay attention to the amount of experience your selected company has in that field. Obviously, the more the better, but do remember that the expertise does not come from being for many years in the industry only. Most importantly, you should check out the number of projects finished successfully by your potential supplier. And do not be afraid to ask for references: a reliable and trustworthy supplier of doors in Ireland will be able to show you at least some.

In this regard, Fenbro achieved a really amazing record of 100% of satisfied customers in Ireland. This would not be possible without an exceptional quality of services, true professionalism and keeping the voices of the customers as the highest priority.

2. Reviews (online and offline)

It is always a good idea to check out online information about a given supplier. There are numerous websites where you can find ratings and reviews of door suppliers, and even if a given company can't be found there, you can look for the information on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) and Google.

There are also many people, who may know something about the quality of services of a given door supplier. - Simply ask your friends, neighbours or colleagues for information and impressions about the services and products you are interested in. Here's also a fair warning from Fenbro: if you can't find much information about a given company, then it may be a better idea to just give up on that particular supplier. A lack of reviews and information about a company does not bode well and should be considered a red flag.

3. The source of windows and doors

Checking where windows and doors provided by a given supplier came from (country and manufacturer) is a very good idea, especially if you look for the best quality joinery. In the case of Fenbro, all windows and doors offered by the company come from the best Polish brands and manufacturers that have an established position on the market and provide only the highest quality products.

4. The range of services

Be also sure to check the exact scope of services provided by different suppliers, because they may vary - in some cases dramatically. So, in order to avoid possible problems in the future, you should always make sure what range of services a given company provides before hiring them. For example, Fenbro provides a complete service package on the Irish market, which means that the company's offer includes products, delivery, installation, guarantee and after-sales support. This differentiates Fenbro from other companies in the joinery industry.

Fenbro - your reliable supplier of windows and doors in Ireland

As a recognisable and renowned supplier of doors in Ireland, Fenbro focuses on delivering only the best quality products and services. That's why the company cooperates only with the best manufacturers and brands, and the Fenbro employees willingly share their knowledge, expertise and advice with the customers. This results in 100% positive reviews and opinions on the Irish market, making Fenbro the most trusted supplier of windows and doors in Ireland.

The company's offer consists of over 1000 models of doors available in many designs and a variety of materials, from uPVC, aluminium, steel, composite to different types of wood (from sustainable sources only).

Fenbro offers quality front doors for apartments and single-family houses suitable for modern and traditional builds, including single- and double-leaf doors, doors with transoms, fire-resistant doors and anti-burglary doors. All doors available in the current offer are affordable and energy-saving, and can be additionally personalised - the clients can choose RAL colours, type of handles, handrails, highlights, anti-burglary fittings or special locks, glazing etc.

More information about Fenbro services and products is available on the company's website. 

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