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Which social media platform suits your content?

Written by Sim Pinder, on 2nd Jun 2016. Edited on 3rd Jun 2016 Posted in General

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Here at Business World, we produce well written blogs, articles and news feeds for a broad range of clients – we supply content for your website and social media platforms.

So now you’ve got great content with rich SEO qualities, you now want to drive visitors towards your site.

Your written content needs a greater audience! A key driver of visitors to your site is from social media platforms.

The key platforms and their suitability to your company are highlighted below:


Twitter – The king of micro blogging sites, suitable for most forms of business from MNC banking organisations to the local bar. Also a great platform for the personal, from the US president to you!

Due to the fast moving pace of the twitter timeline your content can often be posted again the same day, the following day and the next week / month also.

Facebook – Perhaps not a particularly suitable platform for the ‘harder’ end of business. That said Facebook has successfully been deployed as an interactive customer service portal for companies that deal with the general public. Facebook is very much a useful tool for most business to get their corporate message across to potential customers.

LinkedIn – Very business orientated. Content can be shared via as an ‘update’ as well as across groups. Your content can be re-shared to some degree across busier groups or pages. LinkedIn is a very useful platform for business content.

Google+- Some companies swear by Google+ and rank it alongside Facebook and Twitter on their company pages. Google + is a great platform to share business related posts and is a key way to gain SEO recognition from Google. Google loves Google.

Content Provider

Here at Business World we are the leading content creation company in Ireland. We produce content for some of the leading companies operating in Ireland.

When we have created that bespoke written content for you the service doesn’t end there, we can advise which social media platforms to post on, which content to post and even the best times in the week to post.

Business World

Get in touch with Business World today; we can get your corporate message online across the right social media platforms that suit your business needs.

Whether you require bespoke company focused blogs, SEO rich business articles or authoritative editorials focused on your business arena Business World can grow your presence online.

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