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Why Does The World Need Agricultural Education?

Written by Contributor, on 28th Dec 2021. Posted in General

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Today, we aspire to achieve sustainable development to meet our needs without compromising future generations. Did you know that one of the key factors to make it possible is agriculture?

The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals or the Global Goals as a call to action to end poverty, safeguard the environment, and ensure that everyone lives in peace and prosperity by 2030. Take a look at the goals 1 (No Poverty),  2 (Zero Hunger),3 (Good Health and Well-being), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), 14(Life Below Water), and 15 (Life On Land). You will see that Agriculture will really play a big role in achieving these goals.

The educational systems of most of the countries in the world are designed to mold and develop learners to be global citizens. Learners are equipped with 21st-century learning skills, which are essential in this modern time. But, some are failing to realize that Agricultural education is also important to be taught in school.

What Is Agricultural Education?

Agriculture is a vital component of the global economy, particularly in underdeveloped countries. It is one of the pillars that make the economy of a nation. Agriculture is the primary source of employment, income, and food, and it meets these basic needs throughout the world. With this, we can imply that education systems should also pay attention to Agricultural Education.

Most people define agricultural education as a type of education that teaches farming. But, agricultural education is really far from that. It is more than just planting crops, milking cows, and sowing soils. It is a discipline where students are taught about agriculture, food, and natural resources. It also teaches students a wide range of skills in various areas, including Science, Math, communications, leadership, management, and technology, and more.

Importance Of Agricultural Education

In this digital age, many people lack knowledge about what Agricultural education is all about and its importance in the economy. The following importance will make you realize how significant Agricultural education is in the world.

Life-Long Skills and Knowledge

The education system today focuses more on equipping students with knowledge and skills that can be used in real-life situations. In Agricultural education, you’ll have  a strong grasp on the following knowledge and skills:

• Horticulture

• Forestry

• Conservation

• Natural resources

• Agricultural goods and processing

• Food and fiber production

• Aquaculture and other agricultural products

• Mechanics

• Sales and service

• Economics

• Marketing

• Leadership

Agricultural education will prepare students not only to become farmers but also to be scientists, nutritionists, teachers, and other professionals. The combination of classroom learning and applied agriculture experiences outside of the classroom will be the key factor in producing students that will shape the world.

Job Opportunities

The agriculture sector is one of the most important sectors of a country. Having knowledge and skills about agriculture will widen opportunities for jobs and careers both local and international. To name some we have the following:

• Agricultural engineer

• Agricultural economist

• Soil and plant scientist

• Farm manager

• Conservation planner

• Economic Development

Since agriculture provides employment to people, it can largely contribute to the economic development of a country.


Agriculture can be a source of livelihood for people, especially for agricultural countries. This will listen to the unemployment rate of a country.

Food Resources

Agriculture is one of the economy’s most important areas since it meets basic requirements, such as food. If people have the knowledge and skills in agriculture, they can grow their own sources of food.

Exchange Resources On Foreign Countries

Every country is rich in different kinds of natural resources. Having the knowledge and skills for the production of goods from agriculture will open doors for foreign export that will also contribute to the development of a country. So, it is also a better idea to learn a new language.

Conservation Of Nature

Agricultural education will not only teach students how to produce goods, but it will also teach students how to take care of nature as the main source of natural resources.

Sustainable Development

Agricultural education will also promote sustainable development as it can provide employment and teach students how to use natural resources without compromising the future generation.

Gone are the days when we only knew agriculture as farming. With the advancement of technology, agriculture can now go beyond what it used to be. As the industry evolves and advances, education is the key to being updated on the newest technology and knowledge.

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