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38% of Irish people set to increase online spending in 2022

Written by Robert McHugh, on 26th Jan 2022. Posted in Technology

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The exponential growth in the popularity of e-commerce looks set to continue, according to new Digital Insights research commissioned by Ireland’s leading representative body for the sector, Digital Business Ireland and the custodians of Ireland’s national domain registry, .IE.

The research issued yesterday was carried out by Ireland Thinks and is based on a nationally representative sample, collected from a group of over 30,000 panellists.

Overall, the research showcases the growing dominance of e-commerce as the preferred shopping experience for many, and Digital Business Ireland say this is largely indicative of consumer enthusiasm for the convenience, flexibility and security afforded by shopping online.

Yesterday’s findings will be encouraging for the many businesses and retailers throughout Ireland who have invested heavily in enhancing their digital functionality over the past two years. In addition, the Digital Insights research demonstrates that any initial hesitancy on behalf of the Irish public with regard to shopping online and the security of it, has long since subsided.

Among its key findings, the Digital Insights research showed that, in 2022: 

 38% of people expect to increase their online spending 
 46% of people under the age of 45 said they planned to moderately or significantly increase their online expenditure 
Men are set to outspend women online this year - with 42% of men saying they will increase their online spend, compared to 34% of women 
 43% of people across the Connacht - Ulster region will spend online this year, with Munster at 39% and Dublin lagging behind at 36% 
Across the income brackets, 40% of those earning between 50-80k will increase online expenditure 
Just 2% of those earning over 80k intend to reduce their online spending 

Speaking yesterday, Secretary General of Digital Business Ireland, Lorraine Higgins said, "Evidently, the exponential growth of e-commerce looks set to continue in 2022, with consumers, across a range of demographics, set to increase their online expenditure. The numerous benefits of  online shopping are unparalleled, and our research suggests that consumers have wholeheartedly embraced the flexibility that it provides. In addition, our survey shows that people living in the regions, such as Connacht and Ulster look set to spend more online than those living in high density cities or urban areas."

She added, "This is testament to the convenient nature of ‘delivery to your doorstep’ shopping. This further aligns with the experience of high-income earners, who though financially independent, are not ‘time rich’ and have therefore come to rely on online stores and the seamless experience they provide."

Source: www.businessworld.ie 

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