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The Pros & Cons of Opening an Online Live Casino in Ireland

Written by Contributor, on 22nd Apr 2022. Posted in General

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The contemplation of starting your own business is certainly a daunting one, but by no means are you any different from those that have and have succeeded in doing so. It is within us all to be able to provide a service, to suggest, to give ideas, and advise. There are those that do and do so in general passing through a friend, family member, or colleague. Then there are those who do it for commerce, to make money for goods and services.

One of the largest growing industries online right now is that of online casinos. There are hundreds of opportunities, and while it sounds like a flooded market, it is very much far from it. There is plenty more room yet for another platform to offer gambling services to players all around the world. 

Going online is one of the numerous benefits to your start-up and like this one, Betiton Casino, which is run by no more than 20 people, it shows the potential to be had when a small team combines to share a single common interest. Long gone now are the interest of high street bookmakers; players want their slots, and sports bets instant, they want to watch the action, and they demand more beyond this, that they will look for newer, fresher, and bigger sites all the time. The door for you to being that solution is currently wide open.

Pro: Very Few Overhead Costs

One of the advantages of an online business is that you are not bound by any overhead costs. Everything is and will be contained within the screen you are face-to-face with. You can work from anywhere; you can work from home and not have to pay high street rental prices for an office. Your bills are your own, and there is a greater sense of freedom because of the flexibility of not having overheads, with, say, increased electric and water bills if you were to run a one-office company.

We all know of the story of Jeff Bezos and starting Amazon empire from his garage by selling books through his computer. The market and the access to that is all that is needed to be successful, and online casinos with the internet are your boxes ticked.

Pro: The Ability to Tap into a Global Market

The biggest positive with any online business is that a business’s services are global reaching. With an online casino, you can reach any country you want as long as the banking setup allows you to accept the currency. This is also why the markets are not flooded already, because, with billions of potential customers, the online industry even today is not as big as it should be.

What can help you to push into new global areas is to work alongside casino affiliates. Independent of your online casino project, they can bypass online gambling laws and advertise your business within your target market areas. Add to this the ever-evolving social media platforms that can be huge advertisement spaces through the likes of TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Pro: It’s Much Easier to Adapt to Consumer Preferences

Adaption is key to survival online and this will give you the energy to keep you on your toes to meet consumer demands. For an online casino, the business will still become stagnated if the games are not updated and new titles are not added to the menus. In 2017, the whole of Google needed to be updated to meet mobile phone preferences, and in not don’t so, websites would have been laboured in providing a service with slow loading and the need for external software. 

By having your casino online change is more solvable, it is instant because the trends and needs for change are in front of you. On a pure business level, you can see which parts of the casino are busier and which are less so. With data analytics, you can easily adapt your casino services and features to be more successful, both short-term and long-term.

Con: Harder to Build Trust

A downside to online business development is the important building block of trust. Your casino is faceless, there is no human interaction, therefore, the casino must instantly have to do the right things and provide the right thing immediately. This way, customers will more likely become settled, and this is where advertising is important, to put yourself out there as a business to introduce the service to players and this can be done through celebrity and influencer endorsements. These things help build a brand and with that, trust evolves naturally. 

Con: A Tougher Competition to Face

Let’s not pull the wool over your eyes, when you first set up an online casino for players in Ireland, there is going to be fierce competition, and you will not be able to compete immediately because they are known, and you are not. Plus, relative to the finances you have and what you can spend in building your casino and licencing it, you might not, in the opening stages, be able to provide a more expansive service than your competitors. Most online casinos build an empire over time, which is seen with most platforms starting as casinos sites and expanding into the realms of being a sportsbook service as well. 

Con: Technical Problems with Your Website

Technical difficulties present the biggest issue for all online businesses. This can be security, server issue, gaming faults, and so on. This is why online casinos cannot be run as a one-person business. You need to have a team that can react to matters with immediate effect. The longer your customers are left staring at an error notice on the website, the less time they will spend waiting for it to be fixed. This goes with app services as well, everything and anything can be affected, and you and your team need to be prepared to resolve and remedy any bad experiences. 

Conclusion to Starting Your Online Casino

The dos and don’ts are what separate us from other people and decide and navigate our lives. A business will come with some obvious heavy financial costs, it, therefore, may be worth starting your venture within a group of trusted friends to carry the weight of the financial burden that comes in the first stages. Those that do have done, and the industry is there for all to see. It by no means had easy for any one of them, no matter their financial clout, licences are not paid for but earnt.

If you have a liking for gambling and you are one of the many 'do nots', then you are likely to be the one spending the money to play the games, rather than being the one to recoup the profits of the business where those games are held. 


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