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11 Must-Know Tips to Improve Your Hotel Videos

Written by Contributor, on 31st May 2022. Posted in General

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Reaching potential guests has been seen as one of the effects of having relevant and engaging videos. 56% of businesspeople, and 35% on leisure trips, have clicked with hospitality-related videos.

This just proves that video matters. Powerful impacts on guests can be made with videos in hotel visuals such as the view, the amenities, and the furnishings. Real estate videography is the perfect medium to show and make your property spectacular.

Keep it short and get straight to the point

Short attention spans, increasing competition for that minimal attention, and audience frustration with videos that don’t clearly explain a product or service are some of the factors your videos are up against.

So in making videos, it is recommended by HubSpot to have your videos in 2 minutes as it is considered the best video length for YouTube marketing videos.

Know your audience — and make sure you speak directly to them

Your videos to your target customer must be tailored when you’re showcasing them. Videos where the meeting places and business centers are highlighted, would be what the event planners would do, not show families in the pool.

In the video, conceptualize what you are talking about. Create a virtual customer persona to identify the guests and clients you want. Try to see their pain points. Know what style they want. Be aware of what matters to them during a stay or conference.

Choose shots that showcase your property accurately

Your videos are the ones that make the first impressions of the clients. These are your flagship content. Showcase what you do best.

Use UX design best practices to embed video on your website

There are a couple of UX fundamentals when embedding videos on your homepages:

• Display your video prominently above the fold of your homepages. In this way, check out the video would be easier by not having your visitors scroll down.

• People use F-Pattern. Priority videos should be in the top left of the website as people start at the upper left and scan across. They then drop down and scan from left to right.

• Don’t autoplay videos as this is unpopular to viewers.

• Include subtitles.

Choose appealing and appropriate on-air talent and background music

Make sure to choose people for voice narration, an-on camera host, or interview subjects to be tailored to your audience. Choose someone with a different accent if you do international business. Try using talents with similar accents when you intend to attract domestic attendees regionally. Your mood in the video is also helped to be accentuated by the background music.

Educate your business travel audience with animation (but use sparingly)

The animation could be a useful way to explain subject matters further. Utilize this in explaining the features of the hotel. But keep in mind that people are more inclined to live-action videos with friendly and real faces instead of lively places and other elements.

Be honest: Avoid over-generalizations or grandiose terms

Setting high expectations and underdelivering, in reality, would be the last thing you want to do with your clients. Make sure to consider if the video clearly describes the hotel.

Include a clear and prominent call to action

Have a YouTube channel and Google Ads account linked to the track to create free ad overlays. Let the viewers know what's in it by having the videos straightforward. Encourage people to explore more by incorporating clickable annotations into your YouTube video. Also, using natural language gets the best results.

Create a virtual tour

Creating a virtual tour doesn’t require having the most advanced equipment. Intersperse times with 3D event layouts when marketing to event planners.

Add videos to your overall content marketing and advertising campaigns

Match your hotel's branding and your overall marketing strategy to the messaging and style of your videos.

Optimize your videos so people can find them

Use keywords, so your videos pop out when people search them, whether they are posted on your website or YouTube.

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