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Rebranding UK Politics: Here’s What Needs to Happen

Written by Contributor, on 25th Jun 2019. Posted in General

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Following the recent resignation of Theresa May, there’s a new question on everyone’s lips – are we going to see a snap general election? And who would win?

This air of uncertainty has followed UK politics for many months now (perhaps even years) as no one feels sure who they can trust, who they should follow, and who will do the best job.

However, one thing is for sure – if there were to be a snap general election anytime soon, all of the top political parties would have to work unbelievably hard to gather (and regain) the people’s trust.

So how can these groups calm the chaos and build a positive brand?

They Need to Start Again

The online design agency, Solopress, had a go with rebranding UK politics alongside two design specialists, Radim Malinic (Creative Director) and Professor Phil Cleaver of Middlesex University, have experimented with the logo of Labour, Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Independent Group.

But how does it aim to do this?

As Radim suggests, “Political parties should learn from household brands and mass-fan following sports like the Premier League. This is where tribalism and sense of belonging comes to real life…This is the field with a strong sense of identity. Even small teams have solid design systems where they can communicate clearly with their fan base. The UK political parties’ design systems seem too disjointed, inconsistent and lacking the full impact they could have.”

So how does Solopress suggest each political party does this?

Building Trust with Clear Messaging

For the Conservative Party, Cleaver suggests, “The messaging needs to tell a story that resonates to make an impact.” And it’s much the same for Labour too, with Malinic explaining, “Quick, clear messages with bold content and colours can get effective results across your channels.”

Ultimately, both Labour and Conservatives look set to lose the most if a general election were to take place soon, especially after their shocking defeats in the EU elections. They need to work tirelessly to rebuild trust amongst their party followers while also taking a unique stance that appeals to the masses.

Standing Out from the Crowd

There is one party that has a great advantage over the others – the Independent Group, or Change UK. Having only recently formed there isn’t that air of distrust around them, there’s just an edge of uncertainty as to what they can achieve and how they would do this.

That’s why Malinic suggests, “The Independent Group has got a fantastic chance to start afresh and build a political party that comes across as a disruptive force in British politics. The Independent Group could harness the power of technology much quicker than the dinosaur political parties and get their manifesto across using tech channels.” And he offers clear advice as to how they can do this, “Be disruptive with your design – combining graphics, colours and messaging to show that you represent change. Learn from the big brands and focus on design styles that will appeal to the new generation of voters. Shake it up.”

A Change is Coming

Ultimately, UK politics cannot continue as it is. Whether the Brexit Party continues to gain dominance or people start to feel their sense of faith renewing with their existing parties, things are only going to happen if people feel as though times are changing.

As Simon Cooper, Managing Director of Solopress, notes “The current state of British politics inspired us to imagine how political parties could connect better with voters. Branding is so important to other big businesses and why should it be any different for political parties? While major brands sell products, parties are selling policies – both need to have a strong and coherent message and that begins with the branding.”

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