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77% of Irish like Taoiseach’s views on full employment

Written by Robert McHugh, on 27th Jul 2017. Posted in Ireland

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A new survey of 1000 adults in Ireland has found that nearly two-thirds (65%) of Irish respondents are pleased with Varadkar’s replacement of Enda Kenny. With a majority (62%) of those that are pleased, agreeing that he “represents modern, diverse and open-minded Ireland.”
The iReach survey found that of those 35% that aren’t pleased with Vardkar replacing Kenny, over half (53%) were not pleased with Varadkar because they did not like the values that he embodies.
Four out of five (80%) individuals agree that government should make a change regarding corruption, but 52% of people think that Varadkar will have no effect or a negative effect on corruption in his term of leader.
Similarly, around three-quarters (77%) of Irish adults would like to see change on education, but 40% do not think Varadkar will have a positive impact on it. 
However, the survey found that 71% of respondents like Varadkar’s policy on capitalising Ireland’s opportunities from Brexit.  
Source: www.businessworld.ie 

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