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Snapchat now most popular social network among under 35-year-olds, in Ireland

Written by Business World, on 28th Aug 2017. Posted in Ireland

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Figures released today by the Cork Digital Marketing Awards, part of Cork Chamber Business School show, reveal that Snapchat is now bigger than Facebook and Instagram among people under 35, in Ireland.

Despite media coverage showing Snapchat growth is slowing after Instagram and Facebook both copied key Snapchat features, this hasn't convinced a younger audience to abandon Snapchat.

Although Snapchat is dominating the people-under-35 market, it is Facebook that is the most popular social network among those aged 35 and above.

Discussing the stats, Business School Manager at Cork Chamber Business School, Aoife Dunne, "We've noticed in the past few years the number of entries referencing Instagram and Snapchat going up while Twitter and Facebook entries were remaining static. This year we have a dedicated category for Snapchat and Instagram and it's one of the most popular."

Cork Digital Marketing Awards Consultant, Damien Mulley added, "Facebook isn't going anywhere soon, it's the number one place to market to people online but the age profile is now aging and young people do not want to share a digital space with their parents and their granny, so they're off to Snapchat."

Source: www.businessworld.ie


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